Contacts: Nikolas Logan, Shaun Haskey, Brian Grierson, Orso Meneghini, Sterling Smith, James Buchanan, Michael Fitzgerald, Stuart Henderson, Ziga Stancar

Short Description

Tokamak whole device model and transport code from PPPL with detailed heating and current drive simulation


transport, whole device model, WDM, experimental analysis

Long Description

TRANSP is a transport code developed and maintined by PPPL. The core plasma fluid transport and poloidal field diffusion equations are solved within a time evolving flux surface geometry constructed from a series of axisymmetric MHD equilibrium solutions (usually with prescribed boundary although an option for free boundary solutions is under construction). Numerical models and/or input data are provided for heating, momentum, particle and current sources affecting the transport equations. A time step hierarchy is provided so that slowly evolving (and expensive to evaluate) sources are updated as needed, i.e. less frequently than every transport time step. The transport equations are formulated over a 1d grid with a user chosen time invariant number of radial zones evenly spaced in square root of the normalized enclosed toroidal magnetic flux, with time derivative transformation terms introduced to deal with grid motion (relating normalized flux to actual flux). Source terms are computed over grids optimized for each source model and then interpolated to the transport solver flux grid.

Typical workflows

  1. Run TRANSP to interpret experimental data

    • Load namelist, equilibrium, profiles and device-specific H&CD systems

    • Run TRANSP in BEAST or Analysis mode at PPPL

    • View summary plots and use Run Viewer and/or RPLOT to look at desired quantities

  2. Run TRANSP for constraints on equilibrium reconstruction

    • Load namelist, equilibrium, profiles and device-specific H&CD systems

    • Run TRANSP in kineticEFIT mode at PPPL

    • Use TRANSP results in kineticEFITtime module

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6385 James Buchanan
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1654 Stuart Henderson
1370 Matteo Vallar
 995 Ziga Stancar
 881 Myungwon Lee
 852 Nikolas Logan
 796 Michael Fitzgerald
 513 Laurent Jung
 195 Tomas Odstrcil
 192 Sterling Smith
 151 Lang Cui
  68 Kathreen Thome
  36 Jai Sachdev
  34 Shaun Haskey
  24 Tim Slendebroek
  12 Brian Victor
  11 Jisung Kang
  10 Michele Romanelli
   9 Pablo Rodriguez
   1 Devon Battaglia
   1 David Eldon
   1 Brendan Lyons


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