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Short Description

Time or time-series of kinetic EFIT equilibrium reconstruction(s)


equilibrium, experimental, reconstruction, workflow, time

Long Description

This module provides a workflow for easily generating a full kinetic equilibrium reconstruction(s) for a single timeslice or multiple timeslices that are constrained by magnetic and motional Stark effect measurements, and kinetic profile information that includes fast-ion pressure modeled by a transport code.

Magnetic measurements alone are sufficient to determine the plasma shape and other global plasma parameters. However, to accurately reconstruct the equilibrium pressure and current profiles, kinetic and motional stark effect (MSE) measurements are also required. In a kinetic constrained equilibrium reconstruction, pressure information is obtained via electron and ion temperature diagnostics, and then mapped onto flux surfaces based on an equilibrium reconstruction which initially uses only magnetic information and MSE information. Once the kinetic profiles are available, the fast-ion pressure contribution (if present) is evaluated using an interpretive transport code. In the absence of a direct measurement of the bootstrap current, a model is used to constrain the current profile at the edge. Changes in the magnetic equilibrium affect the mapping of the kinetic measurements, as well as the sources in the transport code and the bootstrap current model. Iterations are therefore required in order to achieve self-consistency between the equilibrium, the kinetic proles, and the deposition profile of the auxiliary heating schemes.

Typical workflows

This module is used to iterate between:

  1. Experimental profiles fitting done via the OMFITprofiles module

  2. Modeling of fast-ion pressure via either the TRANSP or ONETWOtime modules

  3. kinetic constrained equilibrium reconstruction with the EFITtime module

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Relevant publications

    1. Meneghini, S.P. Smith, L.L. Lao, O. Izacard, Q. Ren, J.M. Park, J. Candy, Z. Wang, C.J. Luna, V.A. Izzo, B.A. Grierson, P.B. Snyder, C. Holland, J. Penna, G. Lu, P. Raum, A. McCubbin, D.M. Orlov, E.A. Belli, N.M. Ferraro, R. Prater, T.H. Osborne, A.D. Turnbull, G.M. Staebler, and the AToM Team [Integrated Modeling Applications of Tokamak Experiments with OMFIT] Nuclear Fusion, 55, 083008 (2015) @


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