Contacts: Joseph McClenaghan

Short Description

Module for predicting steady-state Current drive HEating and Fueling (CHEF)


Current Drive, Heating, Fueling, FREYA, TORAY, GENRAY, PAM

Long Description

This module takes the a limited number of inputs, then runs FREYA, TORAY, and GENRAY to and construct the heating and current drive profiles

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • start with an OMAS Data Structure

  • run FREYA, TORAY, andor GENRAY

  • update sources in ODS

Technical info

CHEF requires an ODS to run which can be generated from different OMFIT modules. For example:

  • PRO_create module

  • STEP

  • OMFITprofiles


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752 Joseph McClenaghan
121 Tim Slendebroek
 14 Orso Meneghini


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